:: g h o s t l i n g ::

In the dimension of a dream
she floats through walls
and empty places
where hungry voids
like mouths
swallow, chew and spit her
fragments to the solar winds

forked tongues
speak to her in flavors
and whispered halos
with breath as soft as

she dwells in black holes of
on the edge of the
event horizon
slow-dancing with death
and pressing his body close
to fill her hungry void
silent syllables of laughter
ripple from her rose-petaled lips
like ether and watery kisses
like sewers and the plague

and gathering
like a heartbeat growing fainter
scattering her fragments
like fuzzy motes that hover
in a beam of light
and she weeps at the fragile beauty
that warps the darkness
and captures her
once again in the web of life

she falls heavily down
into a corporeal mass
of blood, and bone, and flesh
this chrysalis she hardly recognizes
and here she waits
until she is once again transformed
and is free to fly
where no-one has dared
to go
on the edge
of a dream